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2024 Facilitator Application Form

Applications are now open to be a facilitator at the 2024 Australian Belly Dance Convention.

We are looking for a variety of topics to be presented across a range of areas;

  • Sparrow Sessions – Duration: 30 min.
    These are scheduled as the first session of the day to wake up and prepare the mind and body for the events of the day.
    E.g. Yoga, meditation, chanting, etc.
  • Movement Sessions – Duration: 1.5 hours.
    Dance sessions get the participants up and moving and usually cover a specific topic or area of interest.
    E.g. bellydance 101, choreography, technique, drills, combinations, etc.
  • Interactive Sessions – Duration: 1 or 1.5 hours.
    Focused sessions that allow the participants to interact with a subject that expands beyond dance technique. These sessions have space for discussions, collaboration and note taking.
    E.g. Music, percussion, singing, stage craft skills, create a choreo together, cultural integrative knowledge, photography, etc.
    (This is different to a movement session so please check what you intend to deliver before ticking this option on your application)
  • Lecture Sessions – Duration: 50min delivery of topic + 10min Q&A in breakout space (total 60min time).
    Demonstrate your expertise in an area. Delivered as a lecture style information share and Q&A.
    E.g. Specific dance history area, business skills, dance related talk, jewelry, costuming dos and don’ts, mindfulness / mental health, physical health and safety, etc.
  • Panel / Round Table Discussions – Duration: 50min delivery of topic + 10min Q&A in breakout space (total 60min time)
    These moderated sessions promote healthy discussion on a specific issue or topic that is relevant to the belly dance community. A great opportunity to facilitate community-wide conversations.
    E.g. Ageism, do’s and don’ts, body positivity, social media, representations, teachers and performers seminars, etc.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (a.k.a Terms and Conditions):

  • ALL sessions will start and finish on time (even if you are not there!).
  • All facilitators will be remunerated at a rate of $110 per hour of delivery.
  • The ABDC will not be responsible for any accommodation or transportation costs, nor for the cost of any items you purchase in order to facilitate your session.
  • You are expected to be a participant for other sessions. You will receive a code to be able to access the sessions at a discounted price.
  • Session facilitators are required to arrive 10 mins prior to their sessions start time to setup, to ensure that the session starts on time.
  • Performance applications are separate and submitting a facilitation application does not automatically provide you with a performance spot.
  • Applications close on at 11.59pm on Friday 12th January 2024 (extended due to the original date being so close to the Christmas period).

Frequently Asked Questions

11:59pm on Friday 12th January 2024.

We will get in contact with all applicants in late January 2024.

Yes! please fill out a separate form for each session idea.

It is hosted in Google Forms and can be accessed via this link:

Yes, you will need to have public liability insurance that is relevant to your area of expertise. You will be asked to provide a certificate of currency with your acceptance of being a facilitator.

The session times have been chosen to provide effective learning and to make the most out of the time we have together. We don’t expect the lectures to be a “deep excavation” of a topic or movement sessions to present a complex choreography.
If you feel you need a longer session time, we suggest reviewing the contents you plan to deliver. Consider if you can be more efficient in what you are delivering; or if you could provide information as follow up materials; or summarise your contents to make this a launchpad for future sessions.  Don’t forget, we are always happy to help you shape your content to be deliverable within the session times. 
We would like to see facilitators also be attending other sessions and so will provide a code to give you a seriously great deal on a full weekend pass (that gets you access to anything you want). We know that sometimes life and our bodies/brains can get in the way though so there is always room to move.

No you do not. A Google account will help you by saving the form as you fill it in, but you don’t require one in order to submit the form.

Please reach out to our facilitators team via Contact us