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We can't wait to see you

at the 2024 Australian Belly Dance Convention.

We are super excited to be bringing the 2024 Australian Belly Dance Convention to Berry, on the South Coast NSW.

Only a short drive from Sydney, Berry is an amazing piece of Australian history. More information about Berry and it’s surrounds is coming soon.

The next Convention weekend starts in:


2024 Timetable

Check out the amazing facilitators and sessions that are available at the 2024 Convention event in Berry!

Get your 2024 Merchandise

We’ve released our amazing 2024 merchandise, ready for you to wear at the convention weekend.

Do you want a tee, maybe a tank or a bag is more what you’re looking for. We got you sorted. Get yours today via our Merch partner site.

Tickets Available At the Front Desk

Did you miss out on getting your session tickets or pass for the weekend before the online sales stopped? 

Never fear! You can still get tickets to the shows and individual sessions from the Front Desk using Credit or Debit card (including EFTPos) or Cash (please bring correct change)!

We can’t wait to see you at the convention weekend.

But what is a “belly dance convention”?

I’m so glad you asked. 

A dance convention is typically a group of workshop and other similar sessions that are taught by multiple teachers over a number of days. These sessions can be very specialized or be a mix of many dance styles and skill levels.

It’s also a chance for professional through to hobbyist dancers alike to share knowledge, connect with each other and enjoy a weekend of learning, sharing and dancing.

Who is the belly dance convention for?

You! It is for teachers and students; older and younger dancers; experienced and inexperienced dancers; professional dancers and hobbyists.
Basically, everyone!

The idea is there are a lot of different sessions aimed at different levels. 

How do you know if a session is for you? Take a look at the description and if you like it, turn up!

Highlights from the 2023 Convention weekend.

The Convention asks participants to expand their knowledge with lectures, panels and sessions, with amazing facilitators from around the country, on topics such as;

  • History of dance
  • Business promotion
  • Performance psychology
  • Dancer safety
  • Costume making
  • Dance workshops and much more!

Plus special keynote speakers, performances and purchasing opportunities!

Hear from our facilitators

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