Cultural Acknowledgements

Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian Belly Dance Convention acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we all work, dance and live. As we share our own knowledge practices at and after the Convention, may we pay respect to the deep knowledge embedded within the Aboriginal community and recognise their ownership of Country.

We acknowledge that this country is filled with places that have held age-old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal, and that the Traditional Owners living culture and practices have a unique role in the life of each region.

We pay our respects to Elders past, and present and warmly welcome any one from any Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander background to and in our community of dancers.

As we travel across this beautiful country, we appreciate getting to learn of the indigenous communities in each area.

The 2023 Convention weekend was held on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. You can learn more about these people at: 

The 2024 Convention weekend will be held on the lands of the  Wodi Wodi people of the Dharawal nation. You can learn more about these people at:

Acknowledgement of Culture

We acknowledge that there will be sessions and performances held at this event that have their foundations in the dance movements of the cultures originating in the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, and Turkey. The dances of this region are many and diverse. They have evolved over centuries and continue to transition and change. Dance is a way of culturally connecting without words, and we embrace it as a multicultural art form.

We acknowledge our attendee and audience members from the region and know that we are privileged that you share your love of music and dance with us. We are all travelers through life and through dance, and at this event, we will dance with and for all, here and across the world.