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Program - Ya Salaam!

Welcome to Ya Salaam! – the Saturday night stage showcase at the 2024 Convention weekend.

If you love any of the performances you see, feel free to contact the performer(s) via their socials listed with their details below.

Set 1

  1. Shimmified – Sacrament
    Sacrament is a Dark Fusion choreography from one of Australia’s Queens of Goth, Ma’isah. This was her 2014 PseudoSkirt choreography with an intense Gothic heart unique to the Elysium format. 
  2. Birds of Paradise Bellydance – Bogota by Bus Fan and Skirt
    What happens when you combine birds of paradise bellydance, tribal style movements with fan and skirt? A flapping fun time. This choreography piece was inspired by the beautiful Siren Society Dialect.
  3. Ellie Maye – The World is Heaven with You
    Al Kawn Janni Maak or, in English, “The World is Heaven with You” explores how wonderful life can be when you’re with the one you love. Join Ellie as she explores this concept through dance, to this dreamy rendition of the classic “La Vie En Rose” followed by a short and sweet drum solo. 
  4. Blue Mystique – Never Enough
    Emily and Janelle love collaborating to bring their choreographic ideas to life. They are both trained dancers, actors and singers, and they endeavor to make their storytelling performances both meaningful and entertaining, for themselves and their audience. 
  5. Alison – Wa Marret Al-Ayam and Drum Solo
    Alison has been studying and performing bellydance for 19 years. She started her dance journey in California and is now based in Sydney. Today she will be performing to the classic Wa Marret – Al Ayam by Dr. Samy Farag and The Pharaoh’s Dancers Drum Solo by Issam Houshan. 
  6. Teresa Liu – Sawa Aatoul
    This is an original fusion belly dance, elegant and affectionate style. 
  7. Jen and Liz (Oreades) – FCBD®Style improvisation

    To dance together as one, you need to speak the same language, and tonight’s performance is a testament to that unity that Fat Chance Bellydance® Style brings. Liz and Jen are here to rekindle their magic after more than five years apart, separated by a distance of approximately 170 kilometers between Newcastle and Sydney. Despite the years and miles between them, their shared passion for FCBD brings them together tonight in a joyful duet to “Ya Watan” by Alsarah and the Nubatones.

  8. The Lasya Collective – Escalate
    Escalate is an exploration of internal alchemy, of taking what we are given and producing our absolute best from it. 
  9. Keti Sharif accompanied by Sam Nascimento – Zay il Hawa
    Keti and Sam join us from Perth, both having spent alot of time in Egypt. Here they share their love of Raq Sharqi music and subtle rhythmic changes.

Set 2

  1. Amanda PB – Raks Suhaila
    Raks Suhaila is an dynamic entry piece choreographed by Suhaila Salimpour based upon the steps she used to use every show when she performed this throughout the middle east in the 1980s.

  2. Oreades – The Palace Dancers
    Oreades dancers love the connection of improvising with each other. We build a musical conversation and are encouraged by each other’s successes. Tonight we are improvising dance and zills to Escallier des Sages by Bianca Stucker.

  3. Keeva– Svanrand
    Blurring the lines between movement styles and time periods, set to the atmospheric sounds of black metal.

  4. Mandylynne – Passion, Tension & Love
    This emotional fan showcases the grace and beauty of the passion, tension and uncertainty of ones love.

  5. Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance– 1001 Nights
    Cinnamon Twist transports you with a modern rendition of Oum Kalthoum’s most famous song, Alf Leila we Leila. A sensory experience that evokes the magic of Egyptian classical music while taking you on a journey through the electronic landscape of today.

  6. Tribal.lee – Valhalla is Calling Me
    Tribal.lee from Bermagui south coast challenging her sword goddess imporv energy to the stage with Valhalla calling me.

  7. Anna Gal – Time
    This piece is an exploration of the experience of time’s passing through fusion bellydance.

  8. Kylie Astarte – Bastet’s Feast
    Bastet was the Egyptian Goddess of fertility, health, home, protection, and womens secrets. She was the patron Goddess of cats which were revered for their protection against pestilence, plague and evil spirits. Bastet was also associated with music, dance and joy, and her annual festival Bastet’s Feast was a grand celebration of her importance in Egyptian society and culture.

  9. Farrah: The Egyptian Dance Artists – Bom Bom
    A colourful and celebratory ritual, Nubian dance is from the people of southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

Set 3

  1. Keti Sharif accompanied by Sam Nascimento – Raqs Sharqi
    Keti and Sam join us from Perth, both having spent alot of time in Egypt. Here they share their love of Raq Sharqi music and subtle rhythmic changes.

  2. Ena Bhandari – Free Spirit Dance
    The act is a representation of Bellydance giving respect to the amazing form of dance it is with the required technique on Indian music. The performance come together in the end with a drum solo. The performance will take you from a free spirit mood of flowing into the music, and show my passion and expressing love for dance.

  3. Bluefire Bellydancers – Wahchani Bladi
    Beladi dance comes the people of the land and with this comes both an earthiness of movements and the playfulness of interacting with others in our community.

  4. Azadeh – Persian Bandari dance
    This dance is popular with people in the southern coastal areas, especially the Persian Gulf region. Bandari dance resembles the spirit of the Southern people, with very strong and joyful movements with many shaking of the arms, shoulders and hair.

  5. Tribal Jewels Dance Co – Manton Dreams
    Tribal Jewels dancers present you with Flamenco Shawl blended with world fusion dance. This dance has its roots in traditional Fat Chance Belly Dance and is set to contemporary music to get you grooving.

  6. Sapphire Tribal Bellydance – Tambourine Choreography
    This dance is an FCBD tambourine choreography. This choreography was created by the Moruya Sapphire Tribal Dancers.

  7. Bellydance Samantha – Love is the Biggest Traitor 
    This 2006 pop song by Egyptian artist Bahaa Sultan caught Sam’s attention when it sampled music from ‘Intuition’ by American singer Jewel! Like so many Egyptian songs, this one is all about love as our lovesick singer pleads to stay and recapture the romance.

  8. Astarte Studio – Welcoming Osiris
    There is anticipation and excitement in the air as the people await the arrival of Osiris. He is welcomed with celebratory music and dance. This routine is part of Keti Sharif’s choreographed Lotus series.