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About Us

The Australian Belly Dance Convention was founded on the principle that all Australia’s belly dancing community had a lot of knowledge within it and that we should be able to learn from each other rather than always needing to travel overseas.

It has since progressed beyond this to also include providing a space for connection between the many regionally diverse belly dance communities that make up this broad tanned country.

In October  2022 Amanda, Prue, David, Michael and Emily brought together their diverse range of skills to produce the inaugural Australian Belly Dance Convention weekend held in Brunswick (Melbourne VIC)  in July 2023.

Moving forward into 2024 and the team have introduced the concept of local hosts which allows the committee to get local support to run the convention at travel the convention to any city in Australia. 

The 2024 convention weekend will be held in Berry, NSW. And the 2025 one, well, that’s a secret just for now.