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Convention Scholarships


The 2024 scholarship applications are now open and will close on 30th April 2024.

These scholarships are like magical tickets that sprinkle some enchantment on the cost of attending, making it more affordable for recipients to join their desired session(s). It’s like getting a special golden key to unlock exciting opportunities!

We don’t mind why you need to receive a scholarship. Our intent is to ensure that all dancers in our amazing community can have the chance to attend and share in the knowledge that is on offer.

The Fast Facts

Due date for applications: 30th April 2024

Application form: Is on this link.

Will you require a google account to fill in the form?  No, it will only allow you to save your application as you fill in the form.

Do you need to do anything additional? No, just fill in  the form and be available to attend the contention weekend.

When do I need to apply by?

Applications close on the 30th April 2024.

All applicants will receive an update by mid May.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The scholarship will provide the recipient with a significant discount towards the cost of either a Full Weekend Pass or specified sessions depending on the recipient's preference.

How many scholarships are available?

Up to 5 applicants will receive a scholarship.

What questions do I need to answer?

Other than the basic information about who you are, you are only asked 1 other question in regards to why you should be awarded a scholarship. 

"Which 1-2 sessions have caught your interest and how will these benefit you?"

If you can't remember the sessions, you can find them over on the 2024 Session Details page here.

Can I use the scholarship to pay for my accomodation or transport?

No. The scholarship funds can only be used towards a Full Weekend Pass or Session Passes.

What if I've already bought a pass and I receive a scholarship?

The value of the scholarship will be returned to your booking as a refund.

Contribute to the 2024 Scholarship fund.

When you contribute to the scholarship fund, you are investing in the future of an Australian or New Zealander dancer to be able to attend the convention without needing to worry about the financial barrier.

If you invest in a dancer to attend the 2024 Convention by contributing to the fund, you will also get:

  • Your contribution will be added to the pool of funds to support the winners of the scholarships to attend the convention.
  • Minimum of 1x group social media posts on the convention social media accounts
  • 1x email mention on Convention newsletters.
  • Single item on the promotional table featured in the convention foyer across all 3 days.
  • 5% discount voucher for current year’s sessions and evening events.
  • Verbal thank you at the evening events and on social media.
  • The love and gratitude of a dancer who gets to attend the convention weekend.
  • That warm feel good feeling of knowing you’ve done something amazing.
To take up this offer, click on the button below and name your price.
After you have contributed, a team member will be in contact to get the other details (like your logo and how you’d like to be referenced) to get you all setup on the site.